Demand for property is at its highest

The demand for property in all areas of Edinburgh and the Lothians continues to outstrip supply by quite some way.

According to the latest figures released by ESPC during the three months to April the number of homes sold in Edinburgh the Lothian’s and Fife rose by an astonishing 39%.

Compare that to the number of homes coming onto the market, up by only 13% annually, and you can see why competition from buyers is so great.  This, in turn is driving the market back to a position of setting closing dates.

Buyer demand is strengthening

Market conditions continue to move in favour of sellers.  Between February and April, 52.7% of homes sold in Edinburgh achieved a selling price equal to or above their Home Report valuation.  This represents an increase of 28.4% on the same period last year.

We are selling property fast and are keen to help those who are thinking about selling get their property onto the market quickly and efficiently in order to benefit from the current demand from buyers.

Ask us for a pre-sale appraisal and find out how we can help

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