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We have created a unique ‘Budgetplan’ which details all the costs involved in a property sale and/or purchase from the outset.

At Neilsons, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our free no obligation Pre-Sale Appraisal whereby one of our experienced property Valuers will attend your property and discuss market value, house doctoring, the property sales process and the services that Neilsons provide.

If you would rather, we can also discuss the basic principles by phone or email also. Simply give us a call or email us today for advice via email or telephone.

It is imperative that you understand at outset all of the costs that you are likely to encounter in relation to your transaction. We do not and will not try to attract clients with what appears to be a cheap quote only to apply the
hidden extras further on in the transaction. You need to know at the outset how much the whole thing will cost so that you can budget accordingly.

This is why we have a created our unique ‘Budgetplan’ which details all the costs involved in a property sale and/or purchase from the outset. This will be sent to you after your Pre-Sale Appraisal appointment or at the time your
desktop valuation is complete.