our experienced team can take the worry out of your hands and wind up an
estate quickly and efficiently

It can be often underestimated the amount of work involved in winding up an estate.

Although there may be a Will appointing Executors, it is often the case that they will need a helping hand to guide them through the different stages involved.  It can also be a lengthy process when there is no Will.

At Neilsons, our experienced team can take the worry out of your hands and wind up an estate quickly and efficiently with the Executor being kept updated throughout the process which can include valuing and ingathering the assets, liaising with tax and local authorities, through to obtaining Confirmation on the Estate.

We will guide you every step of the way.

We have a compiled a useful guide on what to do when someone dies, please see the section below for more information…


What To Do When Someone Dies

Bereavement is a very distressing time and you need as much support as
possible. Here we will give you an outline of the procedures involved and
help you through the legal process.

The Law requires that the death is registered within eight days of death.

Registration can be carried out in any Registry Office and an appointment system is in operation.

Registration Office locations are as follows:
59/63 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh: 0131 529 2600
30 Ferry Road Leith, Edinburgh: 0131 554 8452
53 High Street, South Queensferry: 0131 331 1590
19 Station Road Kirkliston : 0131 333 3210

If possible, you should take the following documents with you when you register the death:

The deceased’s birth and marriage or civil partnership certificate and NHS medical card if available. These documents contain the information which will appear on the death certificate.

The Registrar will give you the following forms:-
“The Green Form” 334 S1 which you give to us.
“The White Form” 14 which you give to the undertaker.
A free abbreviated Death Certificate.

In addition you should purchase at least two full Death Certificates for use during the administration of the

You should contact us as soon as possible to establish if the deceased made a Will because sometimes there are specific funeral instructions to be implemented.

The Undertaker will complete the funeral arrangements with you in accordance with the wishes of the deceased or you and the family, in the absence of such instructions.

If there are sufficient funds in the Estate, the undertaker’s account should be settled from the deceased’s estate so the Undertaker should be requested to send the account to us to settle when funds are available. Some undertakers will settle the bill for the funeral teas and add that to the funeral account, but if not this should be settled by the family, and the receipt sent to us for   reimbursement when funds are available.

Provided there are funds in the bank they will settle the undertaker’s account before we obtain Confirmation but the Bank will not normally reimburse the funeral teas until Confirmation is obtained.

You may wish to create a commemorative programme which will be given to those that attend the funeral. One of our print suppliers, Paramount Printers, specialises in this field and would be happy to discuss options with you at your convenience. They are contactable on 0131 667 4441.

This is a stressful time

Whilst some people want to keep busy and deal with things as quickly as possible, others find it difficult to go through the process of assembling the relevant papers to enable us to commence the administration of the Estate.

Apart from registering the death within eight days and paying any Inheritance tax within six months, there are no time limits here and we will proceed at whatever pace you are comfortable with.

We understand that you may need a bit of time to come to terms with your loss so we completely understand if you want to let things settle down before addressing the paperwork.

Alternatively, if you prefer, we can go through the papers for you or with you at the property.

Don’t worry if you are finding everything a bit confusing at the present time — we will be happy to discuss everything through with you.