Granting a Power of Attorney gives you peace of mind and clarifies that your affairs will be dealt with as you would intend

Granting a Power of Attorney gives your written authority to a person or persons you appoint to look after your affairs should you become incapacitated or unable to act for yourself.

Granting a Power of Attorney gives you peace of mind and clarifies that your affairs will be dealt with as you would intend.

As none of us know what the future may hold, we do advise clients to consider having a Power of Attorney to ensure that, if the need arises, your affairs can be dealt with effectively. If no Power of Attorney is in place this can cause some distress for your family as it involves an expensive legal exercise obtaining the services of the Local Authority.

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About Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows someone you trust to take over the administration of your affairs if you became mentally or physically incapacitated.

But surely if I became incapacitated my family could take over?

No — If you became incapacitated, Banks and other financial institutions will not deal with anyone acting on your behalf, unless you have previously granted a Power of Attorney or authority is given by the Court. If you became incapacitated your bank account would become inaccessible to your dependants and this could cause considerable financial hardship.

Is a Power of Attorney not just something for older people to consider?

Whilst the medical conditions which give rise to mental and physical incapacity are associated more with elderly people, strokes can occur at any age or you can become incapacitated as a result of an accident or sudden illness, so it is something that should be done irrespective of  your age.

Why should I make a Power of Attorney?

If you became incapacitated it would be necessary to apply to the Court for a Guardianship or Intervention Order — a process which can take up to a year and costs thousands of pounds.

An initial consultation with one of our legal experts will help you understand more about establishing a Power of Attorney.  The initial consultation can be by telephone or an individual meeting at our office or at your home, please let us know what you would prefer.

We will then prepare the appropriate documents for your signature and  register the documents, on your behalf, with the Public Guardians Office.

If in the future if you became  incapacitated, the attorney you have appointed is then authorised to deal with your finances and make decisions regarding your welfare and care.