What is a mortgage discharge?

Have you paid off your mortgage? Do you require information on a mortgage discharge? Read on to find out what happens next…

Your title to the property is registered in the Registers of Scotland. Attached to the title is your mortgage deed  — called a Standard Security.

To give you a clear title to the property, a Solicitor must prepare a Deed called a Discharge which removes the mortgage attached to the property and gives you a clear title.

This is a service that Neilsons Solicitors and Estate Agents provide.

When your lender sends you the Title Deeds, please send them to us and we will prepare the Discharge. We send this to the mortgage lender for signing and when it is returned, we finish off the Deed with the details of signing, prepare the registration documents and send the deed to the Registers for registration along with their registration fee of £60.

After a few weeks the registered Discharge will be returned to us and is put with the rest of the titles. You can then either retain the Deeds yourself or we can hold them on your behalf. We do not charge for holding your Titles.

For further information on this service, call a Neilsons Solicitor today on 0131 316 4444 or 0131 556 5522.