Selling your property in winter?


Our Top Winter Selling Tips!


2016 was a phenomenal year for property sales in Edinburgh and the Lothians, with market activity at pre-recession levels; closing dates the norm rather than the exception, and excellent prices being achieved if the property is well presented.

We actually ended 2016 in a situation where there are not enough properties coming on the market to cope with the demand.

It’s not a well-known fact but January and February can be two of the best months for marketing your property if the weather is not too bad, because most of the other sellers are following traditional text book advice to wait for Spring before placing their property on the market.

There just simply hasn’t been enough stock to meet demand therefore many buyers are often chasing the same property.

This means that if you put your property on the market during the winter months you could attract a disproportionate amount of interest if the property is well presented for the sale and appropriately priced.

To give you an idea of the huge demand we are witnessing, in December 2016, a two bedroom flat in Tollcross on the market with Neilsons that was well presented for the sale and attractively priced achieved 21 Offers at a closing date.

So, if you are thinking of selling, winter could be a great opportunity for you!

Don’t let the darker nights and big chill put you off, just follow our top tips and you’ll be all set.

Clear up outside your property.

In the winter months, front gardens, paths and doorways can all be spruced up. This is the first thing your potential buyer will see so make sure there are no leaves, rubbish or frost-bitten or dead plants in their view. If you are selling a flat, make sure to sweep the stairs and banisters (wood polish works well on banister handles and can make the stair smell really fresh).

If there is snow, make sure you clear your pathway/steps/front door and driveway and grit it so that it is as clear and as safe as possible.


Check your guttering and roof.

It is worth paying attention to your guttering and roof in winter to ensure it is clear of leaves and other debris that can build up during the autumn months. Not only will this reduce the risks of blockages and leaks, but it, and any consequential dampness, will also be adversely taken into consideration when the surveyor attends the property for the Home Report.

If your roof is in fair or good condition, it is more beneficial to you as a seller.

If your roof is in a poor condition, the impact of this will be reflected in your Home Report which could end up having a negative impact on potential buyers. Buyers will feel more confident to Offer for the property if your roof has been regularly maintained.

Buyers Solicitors’ in particular will pay close attention to the condition of the property including the roof in the Home Report when it comes down to figuring out what is appropriate to offer for the property.

We will happily advise you on this at your free pre-sale appraisal should you require further information.


Ensure your property is heated throughout.

This one is simple, but can sometimes be overlooked. Make sure you turn on your heating to a good heat about an hour before each viewing takes place.

You can also set a timer, if you are not going to be in the property until nearer the time of the viewing.

Buyers will be out in the cold street prior to the viewing and a well heated property is more appealing and will make them feel comfortable throughout the viewing. Buyers are often interested in how effective the central heating system is too so if the property is well heated and insulated they are likely to be more impressed than if they are entering a cold property with chilly rooms!


Check your lightbulbs!

Ensure your home is well lit throughout. In winter there is less sun and it is much darker, so it’s crucial that you check all your lightbulbs are working to present and display your home in its best condition. Buyers may also be interested in any outside lights and security lights so check these out too if you have them.

If you have not already done so, you should replace any traditional lightbulbs with modern LED type bulbs as this will ensure a better score in the Energy Efficiency section of the Home Report.

Remember to switch on all your lights including table lamps and lights under units in the kitchen prior to each viewing.


Daytime viewings are best.

In winter it gets dark very quickly in the mid-late afternoon. When it is dark, it’s difficult for viewers to see the exterior of the property and any outside spaces such as gardens therefore try to arrange viewings for late morning or early afternoon.


If you are thinking of selling this Winter, speak to us today for more helpful tips and property advice and benefit from our New Year Sale Promotion! Hurry – this promotion is only available for a limited time only in 2017!