Special Help for the Elderly

Home Consultations

Whilst many of our clients are happy to come to one of our offices for a consultation, we recognise that some clients prefer the comfort of their own home.

Arranging A Home Consultation

If it is difficult for you to call into the office then a home visit can be arranged.

Our property advisers and solicitors are happy to arrange an appointment at your convenience – simply ask for a home consultation when you call for an appointment.


Many retired clients are living properties which have long since served their primary purpose as a family home – the garden may be becoming a burden – maintenance issues may be becoming a worry or maybe it’s just time to raise capital which is tied up in a larger property.

We will arrange a free, no obligation initial meeting and will show you the estimated value of your property along with properties that are available to you in your chosen area so that we can plan the best strategy for downsizing.

At this meeting we give you a comprehensive estimate of fees and outlays and show you how it all fits together, so that you can see how much capital would be released should you decide to proceed.


Legislation, particularly relating to taxation, change frequently and it is important to make a Will or if you have a Will already to review it on a regular basis.

If you require more information on Wills please refer to the Wills Section of our website by clicking here.

Powers of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows someone you trust to take over the administration of your affairs if you become mentally or physically incapacitated.

This document is particularly popular with people as they get older because it provides a simple and effective way of ensuring that your finances and personal well-being are looked after if something happened to you.

Many people think that this document gives over their independence to someone else but this is simply not the case. The document is prepared, signed and registered with the Public Guardian’s Office and then simply kept in our safe only to be brought out should your physical or mental health deteriorate to the point where you are unable to give instructions for the administration of your affairs.  If you require any more information on a Power of Attorney please go to the Power of Attorney section of our website.