Thinking about moving – then take our advice

The property market is the busiest we have seen it for quite some time.

Demand is high and we are seeing more properties coming to the market than we were experiencing even at the beginning of 2014.

This is beginning to drive property prices in most (but not all) areas of Edinburgh and the Lothians in an upward direction which in turn is seeing the market returning to a position of setting closing dates.

Given the constant change in the dynamics of the market it then becomes extremely important to take advice.

Why buyers need advice in a competitive market

When closing dates are prevalent, buyers need to ensure that they appoint a solicitor who has experience and knowledge of the market they are buying in.

There is no point in choosing a solicitor who offers the cheapest conveyancing quote if this results in you dealing with someone who lacks the expertise and knowledge to structure the right offer and secure the property you want at the best price.

This can be a complicated matter when there are a number of interested buyers.

Typically (although not always) the seller will accept the highest price on the closing date and there is a considerable amount of skill involved in calculating an Offer at a level which might secure the property without paying over the odds. This is why you need an experienced solicitor to act on your behalf.

Don’t leave it to chance

Getting the offer just right is a key part of the buying process and appointing a solicitor based on a cheap conveyancing quote, which is often handled by a junior member of staff, can often make the difference between securing a property or not.

We are highly experienced in ‘structuring offers’ aimed at securing the property you want.  Why not speak to us and ask about how we can help secure your next property.