Selling your property in Autumn? Here are our top tips…

Selling Property in Autumn


The nights are getting darker and Starbucks annual pumpkin spiced range is out now which can only mean one thing: Autumn is here!

At Neilsons Solicitors and Estate Agents, we always notice the shift in the daylight hours when the dark nights draw in because our LED backlit property displays just look that bit brighter. Ideal for displaying your property!

Are you selling your property in Autumn and looking to maximise your sale?

Great, because you have certainly come to the right place!

Neilsons have marketed 141 properties in October and have sold (concluded missives) on a staggering 93 properties in October 2020 so far. We will ensure your property gets seen where it matters in 2020. Our website in October has so far recorded over 105,000 page views compared to 55,000 in October 2019.

Read on for our top Autumn viewing tips…

Try and encourage viewings early, before it gets dark to take advantage of daylight.

Everything looks brighter and clearer in the daylight and this includes your property!

Now that the clocks have changed, in October and November it can start to get dark as early as 4pm. With this in mind, consider hosting viewings before this time during the week and at weekends.

Lighting is key. Make sure you showcase your property in its best “light”!

Make sure you put all of the lights on in your property during a viewing (don’t forget areas such as under cooker hoods) – even during the daytime.

It will brighten up your property – particularly with it getting darker earlier – remember you are trying to sell the property and showcase it in its best ‘light’ (excuse the pun!).

Replace any bulbs that may need replaced also, to ensure maximum brightness throughout the property.

Make your property warm, cosy and inviting.

Always put your heating on so that the property is warm before each viewing. You don’t want viewers to feel like your property is cold or draughty! Put on any coal effect fires. Good quality scented candles work well too, particularly at this time of year.

Remember, buying a property is an emotional and not a rational process so it is important your viewers feel welcome, relaxed, warm and ‘at home’.

Don’t forget your outside space and “kerb appeal”.

Make sure to clear fallen leaves from your front and back garden and pathway (even if you live in a communal stairway) just before your viewing starts. This will ensure the viewer gets a real sense of the space, and the leaves do not obstruct your garden or pathway.

There are also still some great autumn flowers that bloom for a long time in this season such as chrysanthemums and marigolds if you have flower beds to decorate. You can also place these in pots at your front door.

Remember, if you live in a shared tenement building, always sweep the communal stairway before the viewing. Dusting the banister with some polish is also a great way of freshening up the stairwell before each viewing.

Same rules apply all year around… 

As ever, the same basic principles apply all year around regarding cleaning, de-cluttering and de-personalising.

  • Always ensure your property is clean before each viewing. A good quality polish or cleaning spray such as Method appeals more than anything with harsh smelling chemicals such as bleach.
  • De-clutter and remove any bulky items, excess furniture, toys and gym equipment and store off site. Bulky items will impact on a potential purchaser’s concept of space available in the property and any personal items which may impact on the potential purchaser viewing themselves living there should be removed e.g. photographs.

Next steps…

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